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Pallavi Alwal

Green India Challenge

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Pallavi Alwal

Heritage Walk 2020

Pallavi Alwal

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Silver Jubilee Celebrations
Pallavi Alwal
silver jubilee celebrations
silver jubilee celebrations

Science Fair

Pallavi Alwal
Pallavi Alwal
Pallavi Alwal

Childrens Day Celebrations

Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad
Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad

Heart felt Surprise For Teachers

Best Schools in Hyderabad

Avantika international awards 2019

Best Schools in Hyderabad
Best Schools in Hyderabad
Best Schools in Hyderabad
Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad

CBSE Results

Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad
Best Schools in Hyderabad

Community Games

Best Schools in Hyderabad
Best Schools in Hyderabad

Womens Day Celebrations

Best Schools in Hyderabad

Annual Sports day

Best Schools in Hyderabad

Donations For Kerala Floods

Best Schools in Hyderabad
Best Schools in Hyderabad
Best Schools in Hyderabad
Best Schools in Hyderabad
Best Schools in Hyderabad
Best Schools in Hyderabad
Best Schools in Hyderabad

Student Activities at Pallavi Model School - Alwal

Face Painting Competition Results

1XM.Durga Charan Deeptangshu BanikFirstGanga
2XSnehasish Das And Tanisha MishraSecondGodavari
3IXDeepanshu And Deep PariThirdCauvery
4XI.Ravi Sunder And SitanshuThirdCauvery
1XIIRakshita And GunjanFirstGodavari
2XIISanthoshi And AnushkaFirstCauvery
3XIIHarlin And VaishnaviThirdGodavari
4XIIShalini And LokeshConsolationGanga

Best Out of Waste Results

3VG. SahasraSecondCauvery
4VV. Sai AksharaSecondGodavari
5VAgastya DograaThirdGodavari
6VIM A RahulFirstKrishna
7VIAnjali Saket BhasinSecondGanga
8VIPrasahansh S.PotdorThirdGodavari
9VIIshaan AggarwalThirdCauvery
10VIIVinuthna MiryalaFirstCauvery
11VIIShiva pooja Tanvi SreeSecond Krishna
12VIIP. Alok reddySecondKrishna
13VIIHarshaPreet KaurConsolationCauvery
14VIIITiyasha ThakurFirstCauvery
15VIIIPrachi TiwariSecondGodavari
16VIIIGauri  BinoyThirdGanga
17VIII K.AnushkaConsolationGodavari
18VIII M. HrushikeshConsolationGodavari
20XIHarjas SinghSecondGodavari
22IXShabbir LokhandwalaConsolationGodavari
23XHarjas SinghSecondGodavari
24XHarjas SinghSecondGodavari
25XHarjas SinghSecondGodavari
26XHarjas SinghSecondGodavari

Poster Making Competition Results

1VAnkusha SurFirst
5VIAnjali Saket  BhasinFirstGanga
6VISujal N JFirstKrishna
7VI K. RupikaSecondGanga
8VID.rishitha ChinmaiThirdCauvery
10VITanu Shree PatraConsolationCauvery
11VIIHasini ThotaFirst Krishna
15VIISanvika ReddyThirdGanga
16VIIArchita DurvediConsolationGodavari
17VIIIAnushka KhemaniFirstGodavari
18VIIITriyasa PaulSecondGanga
19VIIIM.Hrushikesh ReddyThirdCauvery
21IXRahithya reddyFirstCauvery
23IXTinu pooniaThirdCauvery
25IXC S Rajya LakshmiConsolationGanga
26XSnehasish DasFirstGodavari
29XHima VarshiniThirdGanga

Spell Bee  Competition Results

1VB. RitvikFirstCauvery
2VSri Hari BinoyFirstCauvery
3VB. Keeneth GohnFirstGodavari
5VAnkush SurSecondGanga
6VHari ChandanaThirdGanga
7VP. VarshithaThirdGanga
8VAditya SoniThirdKrishna
10VIP.J NavadeepFirstGanga
11VIM. Abhinav ReddyFirstGodavari
12VIM.A rahulSecondKrishna
13VIAnanya AjitSecondGanga
16VIIArchita DurvediConsolationGodavari
17VIINishhita GoyalSecondCauvery
18VIIBhushan KaleThirdKrishna
20VIIK. AravindConsolationCauvery
22VIIISri PranavSecondGanga
24VIIIAishani SahaThirdCauvery
25IXNikhil DhurjaliFirstCauvery
26IXM. rishi ReddyFirstGodavari
29XHima VarshiniSecondGanga

Results Of Best Out of waste

1IV FAnvesha BoseFirst
2IV ED.ShlokSecond
3IV DAnushriThird
4IV CVaishnavi ReddyConsolation
5IV A K. SathwikConsolation
6III JASMary MechelleFirst
7III TulipVedantFirst
8III RoseSamanthaFirst
9III TulipRaga SamanvithaThird
10III DaffoVaishnavi ReddyThird
11II JASMukta  SuranaFirst
12II TulipEkyom KaurFirst
13II LotusAbhinav  JaiswalFirst
14II JASTapasyaSecond
15II MeriAnanya ShejuThird
16I MeriKanishkaFirst
17I TulipVrindaSecond
18I LotusKyaati.V.RThird

Results Of Poster Making

1I JASHasiniFirst
2I MARIHari  PriyaSecond
3I  LOTUSKhayaatiThird
4I ROSEDrutiConsolation
5I TULIPMahanyaConsolation
6II LOTUSVarshith AnandFirst
7II RoseAarysh SuranaSecond
8II LotusK. AshishThird
9I TulipSurleen DashThird
10II MariSri sai SanthoshConsolation
11II JASA. SanvikaConsolation
12 III LotusNirmal SinghFirst
13III RoseVegdhaSecond
14III TulipCh. VedantSecond
15III DAFFOJ.SamikshaThird
16III RoseSamanthaConsolation
17 III LotusEk ChakraConsolation
18III TulipShreeya PandeyConsolation
19IV AVishal KrishnaFirst
20IV ANeelakshiSecond
21IV FAnwesha BoseSecond
22IV AHemanyaThird
23IV BPriyanshiThird
24IV CManu KaushikConsolation
25IV DLakshmi SahithiConsolation


  • ‣ Children’s journey towards literacy involves learning to watch, listen, read, speak, understand, draw and write.
  • ‣ All the students may not be good at academics. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, read this proverb which carries a lot of meaning.
  • ‣ We at Pallavi Model School – Alwal, the Best Schools in Hyderabad, recognize the importance of all-round development of every child that extends beyond the classroom.
  • ‣ The Academic session 2015-16 has begun with our Literacy and sports activities where we encourage the maximum number of students to participate in various events
  • ‣ We had conducted English/Hindi/Telugu Handwriting competitions for the students of Classes 2 to 5 where every student had given their best.
  • ‣ Every child is born with a talent and is unique. This was showcased in the English Recitation competition conducted for the students of Class 3 & 4. The children came up to recite with a lot of self-confidence and winning spirit in mind.
  • ‣ The Inter-House recitation competition (Class 5) had a sense of competitive spirit, co-operation, team-spirit and development of their creative talents.
  • ‣ School assembly with high quality is also one of the most important aspects of a Pallavi Model School – Alwal’s curriculum. The universal themes such as Peace, Truth, cooperation, and respect act as the foundation not only for education but for the development of personal, social, moral and cultural aspects in a student’s life. This has been proved by the students of Class 5 with their Value-based assembly on “PEACE” that conveyed a wonderful message to all the students.



Games and Sports keep every child mentally and physically fit. Sports keep one away from diseases relating to mental stress, heart, sleeplessness, and obesity. Sports make the player develop self-confidence, discipline, self-reliance, justice, and patriotism. They also provide refreshment and enjoyment.

Sports are being neglected in many schools and even parents do not encourage them. There are no proper training facilities and have a lack of funds in India. They say ‘Health is Wealth’, but many schools don’t add sports in their curriculum. Academics make the children just to nourish their knowledge or mind. But Games develop a healthy body, insists self – confidence.

Sports keeps the body active, alert, energetic, and youthful. Games increase the circulation of blood, burn calories, boost metabolism, and improve the respiration and digestive system. Games also instill in the players the spirit of self-reliance, self-confidence, discipline, justice, integrity, honesty, patriotism, loyalty and fair play.

Sports generate a feeling of sportsmanship and extend one’s attitude. Some schools neglect sports, some of the schools dedicate sports for only one hour a week. Some of the schools cannot afford funds for sports equipment and some even don’t have playgrounds. Pallavi Model School – Alwal, the Best Schools in Hyderabad, dedicates the equal importance to the academics and also sports. On behalf of our school, we made many students participate in competitions. We encourage students’ participation in sports whatever it may be either indoor or outdoor games. Pallavi Model School – Alwal has the instructors in every respective sport and also have a good playground and sports equipment. The parents should also encourage their children in participating sports and give equal importance to the studies. This makes them make their children mentally and physically strong and also maintain good health. The Education system should be reformed by giving equal importance to sports and games.

Sports bring rich rewards to sportsmen. Whether it is the matter of getting admission in institutions or getting jobs, sportsmen receive preference everywhere. Sports also bring fame and reputation.

The government has devised a New National Sports Policy. It encourages a liking for sports among the public at large. The policy aims at the development of infrastructure and providing better-coaching facilities.

Our Clubs


The culture of India indicates the way of life of the people of India. India being a sub-continent have many different languages, religions, costumes, music, architecture, food, and dance. The cultural club at Pallavi Model School – Alwal makes the students know about our old culture. The students in this club learn music which is a necessary and basic part of India’s culture. We also make students learn dance which is said as the hidden language of the soul.


Dramatics club aims at probing the acting skills of children. The club provides the required guidance and support to the students. It provides learning and teaching opportunities to both the students and teachers. The club emphasizes on the idea “never give up”. It provides stage opportunities for every student of the club. The dramatics club at Pallavi Model School – Alwal makes the students learn self-criticism.


“General knowledge can be defined as gaining deep knowledge about any topic which may be related to culture, about society or a country.” General knowledge is an important structure of patterned intelligence. More knowledge makes a person more competent in the tasks of life and also smarter. Psychologists have discovered that knowing more makes a person learn new things and think critically. Wide reading and general knowledge are crucial to making capable of gaining knowledge. Hence, G.K Club at Pallavi Model School – Alwal has been striving towards generating and improving confidence among students by making them well aware of their surroundings. Students get to have a smarter way of thinking. It improves the level of creativity and innovation, bringing about the expression of opinions and better decision-making in life. It is an important aspect of human life that includes: Current affairs Fashion Family Physical health and recreation Arts Science The first and foremost way to improve your general knowledge is by reading. Gaining the knowledge which can also be termed as Socialization, can be achieved through reading articles, magazines, referring good books. This informal and casual way is perhaps one of the best ways to improve your general knowledge over various issues and different areas. G.K Club, therefore looks forward to creating interest for knowledge among students, by conducting quizzes that provide fun, promote knowledge at the same time, increase information, making us feel that we spend time for nothing, on the contrary, it evokes our emotions for more and more of spending valuable time on internet to learn, discover and communicate with others.


Math quiz was conducted on 22nd DEC ‘15 as a celebration of GANIT (Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovations and Training. The study of mathematics improves logical and analytical thinking. It enables a better understanding of the sciences and spirit. During the week of the celebration Pallavi Model School – Alwal, the Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, conducted quiz competitions for different classes to reduce the fear of learning towards the subject. On the 18th of December, the student of Dr. Ramanujam Academy came to conduct the quiz competition and had an effective interaction with the students of classes 8, 9 and 10 teaching the new techniques in solving problems easily.


INTACH is abbreviated as Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage. This is a club working nation-wide with the aim to save our culture. With the same thought, Pallavi Model School – Alwal has started the club for the students at the school level. Though this club does not contribute to any nation wise participation, we take a chance of taking part in spreading awareness among students about the value of our culture and our glorious past. Heritage club which is designed by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), the programs are dedicated to conserve and preserve India’s natural, ways of living, cultural, tangible and intangible heritages. Through many innovative interactive programs, this club promotes the sense of national pride and also the ownership in the younger generation. We discuss India’s history, the monuments and important cities of history. We make the club interesting among the students by conducting many activities. The students at Pallavi Model School – Alwal are asked to get information on a monument or historical place and then they are asked to share it with others and discuss it. The activities like describing the feelings of a corroded monument is also a part of our club. There are group activities too were groups are divided and each group is given a region and that group should talk about the history of that place and monuments present in that place. The club consists of over 100 students from classes 6-10.


“Knowledge is power” goes the old German adage. Getting correct information, knowing correct answers for every question and having a good knowledge of the world we live in are some of the aims of the club. Knowledge club will always help the students to find the answers for most of the questions and make them understand the world in a better way.


The literary club aims to refine the literacy skills of the students by developing their logic and curiosity. To help them know more and to instill in them the confidence to speak well. This club helps them to deepen their power to think and broaden their vocabulary at the same time and exposes them to a set of audience necessary for the growth of confidence in them. The literary club aims to develop analytic thinking, creative thinking, and effective communication in students. The club enables the children to overcome their stage-fear and develops confidence among themselves. Students are free to express their views in a group promoting the value of group discussion. The literary club at Pallavi Model School – Alwal believes in bringing out the best of speaking skills in every individual student. The literary club believes in encouraging the students by making involvements in activities like debate, word building, group discussion, etc. The fear of speaking, lack of confidence and the pronunciation of language in each individual is worked out and made its members strong in believing themselves as good communicators for today’s world. As language is a never-ending process, we believe in updating and encouraging. To date, every Pallavian cherishes that wonderful day which was filled with joy, fun and loads of memories.


Interact Club aims at developing a successful relationship with all people in the society at large. We understand and care about other people’s needs. The students of the club learn various life skills like Empathy, Interpersonal, effective communications. No man is an island.


PEAS Stands for ‘Environmental Awareness in School’. Our motto is to follow the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reduce and Recycle. All the PEAS Club members have contributed to a great extent in protecting the environment in their simple ways. The Peas club started with the aim of improving scientific thinking and promoting environmental awareness among students. In the academic year 2013-2014, we concentrated mainly on the experiments, scientific facts and thesaurus and also Environmental awareness. The club was actively involved in protecting the environment. As a part of community awareness, our students visited various private organizations and informed them about the ill effects of POP during Ganesh Chaturthi. We have taken a few steps this year, which areas to follows: Discussed the various environmental issues and conducted many activities in the club Awareness was brought among the students about the theme given by the UNEP that is “RAISE YOUR VOICE, NOT THE SEA LEVEL” by conducting seminars and showing PowerPoint presentations. We have also conducted Poster making activities on the same topic which gave chances to many students to share their ideas. Seminars were conducted during the club assemblies related to various topics like endangered species, Global warming, etc. PowerPoint presentations related to Rain Water Harvesting and water conservation were shown to emphasize the importance of water in our daily life. On Ganesh Chaturthi, we spread awareness of the usage of clay Ganeshas’ and made posters. Eco-friendly awareness was also brought among the students during the Diwali festival. Just like little drops of water make a mighty ocean little things to make a difference. We hope that our contributions will help in making the world a better place to live in.

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