Welcome to Pallavi Model School – Boduppal campus, the Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad. We follow the rolling admissions approach. Students can apply for admission at any time in the school year. To expedite the decision of acceptance of your child it is consequential that you bring in all the documents required with the Application Form.

A tour of our facilities can be arranged. We encourage you to visit Pallavi Model School Boduppal Branch so that you may experience our excellent academic programs, student-friendly facilities, diverse student and faculty body, and extra-curricular programs. Our Admissions Coordinator will gladly assist you and answer your questions. The Admission process at Pallavi Model School, Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, is designed to be as efficient and positive as possible for all applying students. All applicants who are admitted to PMS are expected to function within the regular classroom. We may send a confidential Student Evaluation form requesting supplemental information to the student’s precedent school.

Generally, the admissions commence from mid-November

Application Forms should be submitted in the administrative office.
Admissions to NURSERY and LKG will be done through interaction and will be held on the same day. Both parents should be present.


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Age Criteria

Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad

To get an admission for your child for Nursery, he/she must be 2 1/2 years old as on 1st April of the academic year. To get an admission for your child for LKG, he/she must be 4 years old as on 1st April of the academic year.
Students seeking admission to classes UKG-X, concept check will be conducted.
Admissions will be based on their aptitude.

Documents Checklist

Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad

Documents Required for Registration:

  1. Date of Birth copy of the child.
  2. Aadhar copy of the child.
  3. Caste certificate copy of the child.
  4. Transfer certificate from the previous school.
  5. Bonafide from the previous school.
  6. Passport size color Photographs of the child and parents.

School Timings During Summer

Pre-Primary to Class X – 8.30 A.M. – 12.30 P.M.

School Timings after Summer Vacation

Pre-Primary – 8.25 A.M. – 12.30 P.M.
Class I to Class X – 8.25 A.M. – 3.30 P.M.

Office Timings

8.00 A.M. – 4.30 P.M. (Weekdays)

Visiting Hours

Director – 2.00 P.M. – 3.00 P.M.  (By Appointment only)
Principal –  9.00 A.M. – 10.00 A.M. (On all working days)

Class Teachers and Subject Teachers by Prior appointment only on all working days.

Regular Bell Timings

School Hours

Fee Structure

Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad

Existing parents Fee Structure 2019-20

CLASSTotal fee1st Term2nd Term3rd Term
(2019-20)March 10thJuly 10thNovember 10th

Transport Fee Structure 2019-2020

DistanceTransport1st Term2nd Term3rd Term
KMS2019-20March 10thJuly 10thNovember 10th
0-1 km12500510037003700
1-3 km16500700051005100
3-6 km18500750055005500
6-9 Km22000920068006800
9-12 km24500990073007300
12-15 km270001080081008100

General Guidelines For Students

  • All the students must attend the general assembly in the morning. Students should be present in the school before the 1st bell rings. Students arriving habitually late will be sent home.
  • 75% attendance is compulsory for promotion to the next higher class. Without any prior information to the school, if any student is absent for 7 consecutive days, his/her denomination will be abstracted from the rolls of the school.
  • The School begins at 8:30 AM and gets over by 3:20 PM
  • Students who are Late must bring an application from their parents. NO student is allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the sanction of the principal or in-charge and a gate-pass.
  • Care must be taken of all the school property and students should not spoil the desks or chairs or damage any school furniture. Negligent students will be charged for the damage.
  • Students are not allowed to bully or intimidate other students, staff or teachers.
  • Students must not wear gold ornaments like chains, rings, bangles, anklets, etc. Our management is not responsible in case of loss/larceny of any expensive item.
  • The students are prohibited from bringing a camera, mobile phones, walk-man, electronic gadgets, blades, pictures, sharp instruments, etc. inside the school premises.
  • Misconduct, malfeasance, and indiscipline in school convey will not be abode.
  • Students should speak softly and politely and communicate in English only.
  • Students should peregrinate to school in uniform on their day of birthday too and they are not sanctioned to give sumptuous return gifts to their classmates.
  • The Parents or the Guardians must attend the PTM (Parent-Teacher Meeting) regularly. Tentative dates for PTM at Pallavi Boduppal, Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, are given in the year planner.
  • Parents can meet the Principal, Vice Principal or the block In-charge through prior appointments regarding any queries, quandary or suggestions.
  • The School programs are given utmost importance in CBSE. Please encourage your children to participate in Annual Day, Sports Day and Founders Day celebrations which help them to develop inter and intrapersonal skills.
  • Students should follow the rules and regulations of the school. If found deviating, they have to face the consequences.
  • In all the matters, the decision of the principal of Pallavi  will be final and binding upon the student.


Discipline Rules :

  • Students must maintain discipline.
  • Whenever a student’s demeanor is found unacceptable he/she will be issued a Discipline form.
  • If the student reiterates the same demeanor, he/she will be detained in the school.
  • If the students are found roaming in the corridors or going to the washroom (other than during a short break or lunch break) without the permission card, three chances are given.
  • The above measures are taken to bring in self-discipline among the students.
  • Students can earn their credits by deporting well in the classroom as well as school premises.


Rewards and Incentives

  • “Well behaved student”
  • “Star student”
  • “Classroom of the week”

Library Rules

  • Students should maintain silence in the library.
  • Students should return the books on-time.
  • Students should handle the books with care.


Lab Rules

  • The students will work individually on some experiments, while other experiments will be done with partners or groups.
  • Students should not engage in horseplay such as tickling, throwing objects, etc.
  • Breakage fees for glassware or the equipment broken due to misuse will be charged to the student.


Playground Rules

  • Students are expected to obey directions given by all the supervisors while on the playground. Students are not allowed in any of the play areas without any supervisor to monitor.
  • Students must play the designated games in the designated areas.
  • The students must stop playing and walk into their classes once the bell rings.
  • Students should not bully while playing.

School Activity Calendar

Class-I Competitions, Activities and Celebrations 2019-2020
March18Drawing & ColouringChildren should carry stationary to draw & colour the picture on the theme given.
23Birthday Card Making ActivityColoured paper, Colour pencils, decorative items. Participation is mandatory.
April1Buttoning the shirt (Activity)Children should carry stationary to draw & colour the picture on the theme given.
8Dough Colouring (Activity)
June12Buttoning the shirt (Activity)Children should carry stationary to draw & colour the picture on the theme given.
17Buttoning the shirt (Activity)Children should carry stationary to draw & colour the picture on the theme given.
24Buttoning the shirt (Activity)Children should carry stationary to draw & colour the picture on the theme given.
July1Math Outdoor Classroom DayMaths Class will be conducted outside the classroom. Interesting activities will be included to increase the learning experience of the child.
15Running RaceParticipation is mandatory.
22Blow the coinParticipation is mandatory.
August5Cone RelayParticipation is mandatory.
8DEAR TimeChildren should carry one story book and read it during the allotted period. Participation is mandatory.
14Fancy Dress Competition: Light festivals [ISA]Students will dress up according to the theme and perform with dialogue in front of the audience. Participation is mandatory.
15Independence Day CelebrationsIndependence Day Celebrations
19Spell Bee (Prelims)Spellings would be given by the Class Teacher. Students would be checked for their proficiency in these spellings, pronunciation and clarity. Participation is mandatory.
22Spell Bee (Finals)The selected finalists will participate.
29,30Lang Poem RecitationThe child should learn and recite one poem in Telugu or Hindi with proper intonation and pronunciation. Participation is mandatory.
September3Drawing CompetitionStudents will draw on the topic ‘Light Festival’ [ISA]
5Teacher’s Day CelebrationsSpecial Assembly
6SOF-IGKOInterested students can participate
9Paper Lantern making activity [ISA]Students will make a lantern using paper.
27Dussehra CelebrationsSpecial Assembly
October14Hoop RelayParticipation is mandatory.
21Memory gameParticipation is mandatory.
24Greeting card Making (Activity)Students will prepare cards on the theme – Light festivals [ISA]
25Diwali CelebrationsSpecial Assembly
November4Thermocol balls craftThe child should prepare craftworks using thermocol balls.
5SOF-IEOInterested students can participate
14Children’s Day CelebrationsSpecial Assembly
18Show & Tell (Prelims)Students will speak on any object of their choice. Participation is mandatory.
21SOF-NSOInterested students can participate
25Show & Tell (Finals)The selected finalists will participate.
28SOF-NCOInterested students can participate
30Sports Day CelebrationsSports Day Celebrations. Participation is mandatory.
December2Paper Folding CraftStudents will make exhibit their origami skills.
5SOF-IMOInterested students can participate
9Hand writing Competition (English)Participation is mandatory.
23Just a minute (Activity)Participation is mandatory.
23Christmas CelebrationsSpecial Assembly
31Inter House Competitions (Solo Dance)Selected students from each house to participate and perform on the given theme. Performance on movie songs will not be allowed.
January6Pulses segregation (Activity)Participation is mandatory.
9Language Story Telling CompetitionThe child should learn one story in their 2nd language and present it with help of props. Participation is mandatory.
10Sankranthi CelebrationSpecial Assembly
Books List

Class Wise List of Books for the academic year 2020-21




  • White shirt with collar and half sleeves with the school logo and knee-length dark Navy blue divided skirt (I-X).
  • Plain Black sports shoes and Plain Navy Blue socks.
  • Navy blue cycling shorts(V-X) (shorter than the skirt).
  • Black ribbons with two plaits or two ponytails depending on the length of hair.
  • School belt.
  • Navy blue cardigan during winter.
  • Tie (VI-X).


  • White T-Shirt with house color collar and school logo.
  • House colored divided box pleated skirt for classes I to X.
  • Plain White sports shoes and Plain white socks.
  • White ribbons with two plaits or two ponytails depending on the length of hair.



  • Dark Navy Blue Shorts for classes I-IV.
  • Dark Navy Blue Trousers for classes V-X.
  • White shirt with collar and half sleeves with school logo.
  • Plain Black sports shoes and Plain Navy Blue socks.
  • School Belt.
  • Navy blue ‘V’ neck sweater during winter.
  • Tie (VI-X).


  • House colored shorts, white T-shirt with collar and school logo (I-IV).
  • House color T-shirt with collar and school logo (V-X).
  • White track pants for classes I to X.
  • Plain White sports shoes and Plain white socks.

Uniform Rules

  • Students should come to school in the prescribed uniform. Uniforms should be neat and clean.
  • Students must wear their ID cards every day.
  • The boys should have a well-trimmed haircut. Applying Mehndi on the hands is not permitted.
  • Students should have trimmed nails.
  • The defaulters will be given 5 chances in a term.

PTM SCHEDULE (2019-2020)

30/3/19I to V
13/6/19IX , X
20/6/19I , II


27/6/19III, IV,V
12/10/19I ,II


19/10/19III, IV,V

IX , X

29/11/19IX , X
14/12/19IX , X
28/12/19I ,II

IX , X

4/1/20III, IV, V




Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad

HOLIDAYS LIST –(2019 -20)

26.10.19-28.10.19SAT – MONDIWALI HOLIDAYS
24.12.19 – 26.12.19TUE – THUCHRISTMAS

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