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Pallavi Boduppal
Pallavi Boduppal
Pallavi Boduppal
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Green India Challenge

Top Schools in Boduppal

Best CBSE Schools In Hyderabad
Heritage Walk 2020

Top Schools in Boduppal

Top CBSE Schools In Hyderabad
Sankranti Sambaralu- India book of records

Top Schools in Boduppal

Schools In Hyderabad
CBSE Schools In Hyderabad
Top Schools In Hyderabad
Best CBSE Schools In Hyderabad
Top Schools In Hyderabad
Top 10 CBSE Schools in Hyderabad
CBSE Schools In Hyderabad
Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Top Schools in Boduppal

Pallavi Model School - Silver Jubilee Celebrations
Pallavi Model School Boduppal
Pallavi Boduppal
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SPORTICO- Sports Day

Top Schools in Boduppal

Mosaic of Dr APJ ABDUL KALAM with Rubik's cubes- Guinness Book of World Records Attempt

Top Schools in Boduppal

Mosaic of Dr APJ ABDUL KALAM with Rubik's cubes- Guinness Book of World Records Attempt

Top Schools in Boduppal

Winners Of Haritha Haram Award

Top Schools in Boduppal

Heritage Walk 2020

Sankranti Sambaralu- India book of records

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

SPORTICO - Sports Day 2019

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Top Schools in Boduppal

Sports Facilities

Top Schools in Boduppal


Games and sports keep everyone fit. They keep one faraway from diseases concerning heart, obesity, mental stress, and sleeplessness. They instill within the player a spirit of self-confidence, self-reliance, discipline, justice, fair play and patriotism. games provide us with recreation and delight.

Games are very essential for students but they’re neglected in schools. Even parents don’t have a high opinion about games and that they want their children to devote longer to studies. India lacks funds, and proper training facilities aren’t provided to the players. Sports bring rich dividends to sportsmen.

We all are conversant in the maxim ‘Health is Wealth’. consistent with the planet Health Organization, ‘Health may be a state of complete physical, the absence of disease.’ Academics serve the aim of nourishing the mind. But a healthy mind resides during a healthy body. One can develop and maintain a salubrious body by actively participating in games and sports.

Games keep our body alert, youthful, active, and energetic. They instill in us a spirit of adventure. Games increase the circulation of blood, boost metabolism, burn calories and improve the respiration and gastrointestinal system. A healthy person can be exerting cheerfully for an extended period and may face dangers boldly. Games also instill within the players the spirit of self-reliance, self-confidence, justice, and fair play. they allow him to follow other virtues like discipline, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and patriotism.

Games generate a sense of sportsmanship and broaden one’s outlook. they’re very essential for the scholars. In our school, Top Schools in Boduppal, however, games and sports aren’t given much importance. A period of half an hour or forty-five minutes is devoted to games a day in schools. Some schools dedicate this timing for games on just one occasion every week. Children find it difficult to pursue a game within the specified period. Some schools cannot afford funds for sporting goods while most faculties don’t have a playground. many faculties don’t employ any physical instructor to guide the youngsters in various games. Even parents want their children to finish their home assignments after school hours instead of play games. They fail to understand that games make children strong both mentally and physically. Many school children become obese thanks to a scarcity of participation in games. Obesity puts them within the high-risk category of contracting diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, etc. The education system must be reformed, and equal importance must tend to sports and games.

Sports bring rich dividends to sportsmen. Whether it’s the matter of getting admission in institutions or getting jobs, sportsmen receive preference everywhere. Sports also bring fame and reputation.

The government has formulated a replacement national Sports Policy. It promotes a liking for sports among the general public at large. It aims at the event of infrastructure and therefore the provision of higher coaching facilities.

Cultural Club

India’s languages, religions, music, dance, architecture, and customs differ from place to place within the country. The cultural club is here to remind everyone that our old culture remains. The members learn music which is an integral part of India’s culture. The students of PMS, Top Schools in Boduppal, in this club also learn dance as we know it is the hidden language of the soul.

Dramatic Club

Dramatics club at Pallavi Boduppal, Top Schools in Boduppal, aims at exploring the acting skills of children. The club provides the required guidance and support to its students. It provides learning and teaching opportunities to both our students and teachers. The club emphasizes on the idea “never give up” It provides stage opportunities for every student of the club. It is ensured that every student is given that opportunity. It also tries to teach its students self-criticism and that there is always scope for improvement.

G K Club

“General cognizance can be defined as culturally valued erudition about any particular topic relating to the gregarious interest of society, civilization, culture, community or a country.”

GK is an important component of crystallized intelligence. More knowledge makes a person more competent in the tasks of life and also smarter. Psychologists have discovered that knowing more makes a person learn new things and think critically. Wide reading and general knowledge are crucial to competence and the main objective of the G.K club is to make students more competent, which in turn creates a more than just society. Hence, G.K Club has been striving towards generating and improving confidence among students by making them well aware of their surroundings. Students get to have a smarter way of thinking. It improves the level of creativity and innovation, bringing about the expression of opinions and better decision-making in life. It is an important aspect of human life that includes: Current affairs Fashion Family Physical health and recreation Arts Science The first and foremost way to improve your general knowledge is by reading. Expansion of knowledge occurs through constant reading either books, magazines or newspapers. Socialization is yet another way of amending your general erudition over sundry issues. This informal and casual way is perhaps one of the best ways to improve your general knowledge over various issues and different areas. G.K Club, therefore looks forward to creating interest for knowledge among students of PMS, Top Schools in Boduppal, by conducting quizzes that provide a fun, promote knowledge at the same time, increase information, making us feel that we don’t spend time for anything, on the contrary, it evokes our emotions for more and more of spending valuable time on the internet to learn, discover and communicate with others.

Math Quiz

Math quiz was conducted on December Month as a celebration of GANIT (Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovations and Training). The study of mathematics leads to analytical cognition. Its learning and teaching and learning enables a better understanding of sciences and spirit. During the week of the celebration, we conducted quiz competitions for different classes to reduce the fear of learning towards the subject. On the 18th of December, the student of Dr. Ramanujam came to conduct the quiz competition and had an effective interaction with the students of classes 8, 9 and 10 advising them about the techniques in solving problems easily.


INTACH means Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural heritage. This is a nationwide club working to save our culture. Taking this as an example, Pallavi Model School – Boduppal has started an organization (club) at the school level for students. Though this club does not contribute to any nation wise participation, it helps in spreading awareness among students about the value of our culture and our glorious past. Heritage club programs are designed by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH). This organization is dedicated to conserve and preserve India’s natural, cultural, living, tangible and intangible heritage. This club promotes the sense of national pride and ownership in the younger generation through innovative interactive programs. We in INTACH CLUB promise to preserve our legacy for the future generations. One does not have to be an archaeologist or a historian to join INTACH but just has to take care of INDIA’S HERITAGE. In the club, PMS, Top Schools in Boduppal, discuss various things related to our country. We discuss India’s history, the monuments and important cities of history. We also conduct activities among the students to keep the club interesting. The students are asked to get information on a monument or historical place and then they are asked to share it with others and discuss it. We have also done activities like describing the feelings of a corroded monument. There are group activities too were groups are divided and each group is given a region and that group should talk about the history of that place and monuments present in that place. The club consists of over 100 students from classes 6-10.

Knowledge Club

“Knowledge is power” goes the old German adage. Getting correct information, knowing correct answers for every question and having a good knowledge of the world we live in are some of the aims of the club. Knowledge club will always help the students to find the answers for most of the questions and make them understand the world in a better way.

Literary Club

The literary club at Pallavi Boduppal, Top Schools in Boduppal, aims not only to refine the literary skills of the students but also to develop their logic and curiosity. To help them know more and to instill in them the confidence to speak well. This club helps them to deepen their power to think and broaden their vocabulary at the same time and exposes them to a set of audience necessary for the growth of confidence in them. The literary club aims to develop analytic thinking, creative thinking, and effective communication in students. The club enables the children to overcome their stage-fear and develops confidence among themselves. Students are free to express their views in a group promoting the value of group discussion. The literary club at Pallavi believes in bringing out the best of speaking skills in every individual student. The club believes in encouraging its members in various activities like debate, word building, group discussion, etc. The fear of speaking, lack of confidence and the pronunciation of language in each individual is worked out and made its members strong in believing themselves as a good communicator for today’s world. As language is a never-ending process, we believe in updating and encouraging. To date, every Pallavian cherishes that wonderful day which was filled with joy, fun and loads of memories.

Interact Club

Interact Club aims at developing life skills in students and developing a successful relationship with all people in the society at large. We understand and care about other people’s needs. The students of the club learn various life skills like Empathy, Interpersonal, effective communications. No man is an island.


PEAS Stands for ‘Environmental Awareness in School’. The motto of PMS, Top Schools in Boduppal, is to follow the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reduce and Recycle. All the PEAS Club members have contributed to a great extent in protecting the environment in their simple ways. The Peas club started with the aim of improving scientific thinking and promoting environmental awareness among students. In the academic year 2013-2014, our club concentrated mainly on Environmental awareness, Scientific facts, and experiments. The club was actively involved in protecting the environment. As a part of community awareness, our students visited various private organizations and informed them about the ill effects of POP during Ganesh Chaturthi. We have taken a few steps this year, which areas to follows: Discussed the various environmental issues and conducted many activities in the club Awareness was brought among the students about the theme given by the UNEP that is “RAISE YOUR VOICE, NOT THE SEA LEVEL” by conducting seminars and showing PowerPoint presentations. Poster making activities were also conducted on the same topic and students enthusiastically participated by sharing their ideas. Seminars were conducted during the club assemblies related to various topics like endangered species, Global warming, etc. PowerPoint presentations related to Rain Water Harvesting and water conservation were shown to emphasize the importance of water in our daily life. On Ganesh Chaturthi, we spread awareness of the usage of clay Ganeshas and made posters. During Diwali also awareness was brought among the students to celebrate it in an eco-friendly manner. Just like little drops of water make a mighty ocean little things to make a difference. We hope that our contributions will help in making the world a better place to live in.


Students are involved in countless co-curricular activities which are powerfully positive experiences. The following activities are taken up at Pallavi Model School, the Top Schools in Boduppal.

The sports facilities include a Swimming pool, a baby splash pool, Sandpits, Tennis Courts, Squash Court, Football and Cricket fields, Outdoor and Indoor Basketball Courts, Skating Rink, and Taekwondo.



Equipped with proper training facilities and safety measures, we try to ensure that swimming remains a fun-filled exercise for our students.

Karadi Path

Karadi Path:

Storytelling sessions are taken up by professional storytellers. Students love and look forward to these sessions.



Drama is an important method of developing confidence, exploring issues and self-beliefs. The School has a beautifully equipped drama studio, complete with professional lighting and sound system



Skating is practiced under the careful supervision of the Rink masters.

Vocal Music

Vocal Music:

The primary and secondary students’ music rooms are equipped with various musical instruments. Students will be encouraged to play, compose, and perform within the school and at inter-school events.



Self-defense techniques are meticulously taught by professional Karate masters.

Art & Craft

Art & Craft

To suffice the artistic appetite of the puerile engenderers, painters, and craftsmen, the school building has a cavernous Art & Craft work station. The children at PMS, Top Schools in Boduppal, are emboldened to engender their colorful interpretations of what they observe around them. Under the able guidance of our Art & Craft edifiers, the children are inspirited to undertake many fun-filled activities like drawing, cutting and pasting, and coloring which is exhibited in a specially-designed exhibit window to ascertain that the children feel appreciated for their efforts.



Dedicated edifiers are allocated to guide the children through the distinctions of dance and music. The facility at PMS, Top Schools in Boduppal, provides an intimate venue for students to showcase their talents in this particular field and is well furnished with dance studio with wooden flooring and mirrors, an option of learning Indian classical, contemporary and traditional dance forms such as Salsa.



Every year students of PMS, Top Schools in Boduppal, from Grade 4 will be taken on overnight trips, away from the city. They will be scheduled to visit historical sites and to go on treks and camping. What they learn on the trip becomes a part of their curriculum, a form of field study. Students up to Grade 3 are taken on day trips. Safety is absolute priority students are supervised at all times.

Butterfly Fields:

Butterfly Fields:

The program is a non-disruptive solution by building on top what schools already teach in the class. It aligns with the school curriculum of PMS, Top Schools in Boduppal, and seamlessly integrates into existing school calendars and academics.

The belief that learning is a cycle based on experience, analysis, reflection and connecting to real-world situations. It is designed to be an experiential program that drives children to apply what they learn in school and find facts rather than memorize them, by working with diverse tools ranging from Engineering, ICT, Robotics, and Digital Media.

Month Wise Special Assembly (2019-20)


S.NoMonth / Date Name of the event  
1June 2ndTelangana Formation Day
2June 12thFounder’s Day Celebrations
3June 21stYoga/ Music Day Celebrations 
4June  22ndInvestiture Ceremony 
5July  22ndPi Day Celebrations
6July 23, 24Math Week Celebrations
7July 26thBonalu  Celebrations
8August 3rdMath -E-Magician Quiz Competition NIIT
9August  7,8Library Week Celebrations
10August  14thSocial Week   Celebrations
11August  15thIndependence day Celebrations
12August  23rdJanmashtami Celebrations
13August 29 , 30Telugu Week Celebrations
14August  31stVinayaka Chaturthi Celebrations
15September  5thTeacher’s day Celebrations
16September  14th Inter School Quiz Competition (NIIT)
17September  27th Dussehra Celebrations
18October  16,17English Week Celebrations
19October  25thDiwali / Deepavali Celebrations
20November      2nd Math -E-Magician Quiz Competition NIIT  
21November  14th  Children’s day Celebrations
22November  30th Sports Day Celebrations  
23December 23rd Christmas  Celebrations
24December  31st New Year Celebrations  
25January  9,10thHindi week Celebrations
26January   10/11th Sankranthi Celebrations
27January  26thRepublic Day Celebrations
28February  19th Class X Farewell
29February  20/21 International Mother tongue day Celebrations
30 Inter School group  Dance Competition
31 Inter School Solo   Dance Competition
32 Inter School group  Singing Competition
33 Inter School solo    Singing Competition

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

The course has been designed with a focus on training with hands-on experience and practical exposure of participants in different ECCE settings.

Eligibility: Senior School Certificate/ Intermediate (10+2) or equivalents

Only Women Candidates are Eligible

Contact: 7660082000






Chairperson, CTE AMS


The College of Teacher Education Andhra Mahila Sabha is a pioneering leader in amalgamating quality education with spiritual formation geared towards molding young hearts and minds in the way of love, unity peace, and values – most needed in today’s world. The vision and mission of the college are to enlighten minds and illumine souls that bear ample fruit for the good of humanity.

The college has expanded its horizons since its inception in 1971 and presently offers various 2-year, one-year, 3-months programs that are designed to suit various needs of children at different ages. The prime learning environment is five to nineteen years of age. I love to quote an ancient Greek teacher in this context who said “Give me a child for seven years, afterward, let God or Devil take the child. They cannot transmute the child.” This is the puissance of teachers and educators. I am proud to undeniably say that this college has such talented and excellent teachers and researchers who are individually and collectively sowing seeds of righteousness in the heart of every individual who seeks admission into this college.

When the famous sculptor of Michelangelo created a beautiful statue, his friend said, “Out of a piece of stone you have created this beautiful statue”. The sculptor verbally expressed, “This statue was already within the stone. I have not created it. All I have done is, I have chiseled off the undesirable pieces which were around the statue and which were masking the statue.” I think, friends, this is what is expected of a teacher. We teachers instead of stuffing students with more and more information should chisel them off unwanted qualities and should promote value-based holistic education in our society. Let us rock the world by teaching and reaching millions of people with our robust syllabi and lofty academic goals.


Prof. K.S. Sunitha

Secretary & Correspondent, CTE AMS

“An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin

I take an exhilarating pride to share my thoughts in words for this issue “Ujwala” our College magazine as an appreciation of the commendable efforts put forth by the team of teachers and students. The release of this spectacular issue by Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy I.A.S, Principal Secretary, Education Dept. T.S gives an immense honor and pleasure to our College.

Over the years the institution has achieved continuing success in serving the course and purpose of female education. The College imports a blend of traditional and modern education to the students so that they occupy a better place in this competitive challenging world. I also feel proud of its Alumni who are holding responsible positions in different spheres of their life.

Empowerment of girl students for their all-round development through education is and will be a cherished motto of the College of Teacher Education Andhra Mahila Sabha as desired by Dr. Smt. Durgabai Deshmukh the founder.

I express my sincere thanks & gratitude to the sponsors for their valuable financial assistance in bringing out this issue.

I wish all the students of different courses to experience victory in all their future endeavors.

As Secretary & Correspondent of this esteemed Institution, I will strive to make it a place of learning and practice through our Diligence, Devotion, and Dedication!!!!

Wishing you all a great success



Principal I/c, CTE AMS

“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations”

College of Teacher Education, Andhra Mahila Sabha is one of the pioneering institutions in Teacher Education. It provides unique opportunities for the development of qualitative teachers in a secular and conducive environment. The role of the teacher in the system of modern education is not only imparting knowledge to students but also, to build the personality of modern citizens. It requires zealousness, patience, expertise on certain subjects and enough faculty to understand the role of teachers, the styles of edifying, edifying methodologies, strategies, correct utilization of evaluation techniques and the psychology of the students. It is very essential to replace the conventional teacher-centered method by the modern student-centered method through various brainstorming sessions, panel discussions, debates, etc. To achieve the prescribed destination, our college provides opportunities in twin paths; one is based on the development of knowledge and skill and the other leads to the development of humanistic virtue. Determinately, great edifiers are not born in the minds of the students but they are born in the hearts of the students.