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New year 2021 as it enters into the completion of first month January bringing hope of corona vaccine with it, the standard resolutions… of losing weight, exercising more, getting more systematic and organised etc etc start melting away as snow in Chicago is melting away after a heavy snow fall.
Before the snow completely melts our resolutions also start slowly fading and evaporating from February on wards. I thought this year 2021 let me think of some thing new other than the old tired and tried resolutions that we always make and posted a question in the group of Pallavi principals, ‘what are your aspirations/ hopes in one or two sentences for the year 2021’?

The responses are compiled down in their own words.

The Management of Pallavi hopes that the govt. gives not only directives for safety but also helps in financial aid for implementation of the same. Hopes that the losses of private management are compensated and teachers’ salaries are adequately raised. Pallavi management aspires that 2021 policy makers either compensate or convince parents to reimburse fees payment in time. It also hopes that parents cooperate and realise the difficulties of teaching faculty and partner with schools in hybrid process of learning and acknowledge and attend all updates of communication without reminders and understand the necessity of a teacher in the student life.
One of the directors of Pallavi hopes that 2021 makes our organization a collaborative team, encourage constructive criticism, critical thinking and humility. He also desires that Principals and teachers should encourage, inspire analyse and guide each student to identify his/ her core interest… (some may need several iterations) and make them do their best in the area of interest.

The other academic Director hopes that learning becomes an enjoyable paced sport/ game (as children love sports and games) for each student exploring and enjoying themselves as discoverers and researchers in the area of interest. Students become self- aware of the situations in the surrounding areas and find an active collaborative solution. Teachers in Pallavi should become active continuous learners and challenge their own teaching methodologies and ready to accept paradigm shift in their role as a co- creator and co-learner along with students and parents.

One of the Principal says, ‘Hopes keep us alive as the disastrous pandemic gives us resilience, this year we hope all our stake holders rise up and partner to bring laurels to our school’.

Another principal hopes that all her teachers understand the decisions of management and education department and extend their willingn

Most of the other principals of Pallavi are hoping that they should have no attrition of teachers during the next academic session, vaccination for all the warriors coming to school, increase in the remuneration for sincere and innovative teaching and administrative faculty, periodic provision of finances from the management for refurnishing the safety equipment and materials, CCTVS, technical support systems with replacements, a doctor on duty and all security for individuals who are daring to attend their duties.

Hopes do have many challenges and limitations. The challenges of 2020 reminded us of some crucial lessons of empathy, minimalism, patience, adaptation, healing from personal tragedies etc. Life changes only when our mindset changes. If we want to grow, lets brave, evolve, mature and seek joy and perfection in all that we do. We are all in this together and let us learn to appreciate all the people that go to work every day and make our lives better. Joy in 2021 is to notice and create goodness, everyday no matter what…. “HOPE” 2021

Dr. Sudha Turaga.
Academic Director

Dr. Sudha Turaga
Director DPS and Pallavi Educational Institutions
Voluntary Counsellor Manodarpan and CBSE

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